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Visit TheLincolnForum.Net

Lincoln owners all over the world have been using TheLincolnForum.Net as a resource for advice, information, and general chatting about Lincoln since 2001.  In 2004, the forum became a separate entity from the Michigan Region and moved to its own servers on the internet.

Generally, Lincoln owners of late 50s to mid-80s vehicles frequent the forum.  The forum is broken into many sub-categories and sub-forums covering topics from engines, suspensions, & brakes to convertible-specific and LCOC-specific topics.  The forum is not operated by the Michigan Region of the LCOC, but it is operated by one of its members.

The forum is open to the public and is funded by donations so feel free to drop in as often as you need.  The site will open in a new window when you click on the following link:


Stu Cohen's 1963 Sedan

Note: Due to the open nature of online internet forums, the Michigan LCOC is NOT responsible for content on the forum and does not have any control over its visitors or what they post.  Please contact the administrator of TheLincolnForum.Net for any issues related to message content.

How a Differential Works

Please enjoy the video below, made by GM in the 1930s, that describes how a differential axle works.

How a Differential Works


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